Beamtime at the CSNS Neutron Source

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In June 2024, we carried out neutron PDF experiments at the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS). CSNS is one of the latest built spallation neutron sources over the world. Neutron diffraction experiments can provide unique structural information of advanced materials, which is highly complementary to the x-ray technique.


2024年6月,我们课题组成员前往位于广东省的中国散裂中子源CSNS开展中子PDF实验。 CSNS是世界上最新建成的散裂中子源大型科学装置(总共4个)。 中子衍射实验可以获得先进材料的独特结构信息,是与X射线技术高度互补的实验方法。