2024 Shanghai XFEL Forum

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On June 7, 2024, we attended the 2024 SHINE Forum in ShanghaiTech University. The SHINE (Shanghai HIgh repetitioN rate XFEL and Extreme light facility) is a high rep-rate XFEL large scientific facility including an 8 GeV CW superconducting RF Linac, 3 undulator lines, 3 X-ray beamlines and 10 experimental stations, together with a 100 PW super-intense laser. Once built, it will be one of the most advanced user facilities that can deliver femtosecond X-ray pulses from 0.4 to 25 keV with up to a million pulses per second.

SHINE Forum is the annual meeting on sciences and technologies, with goals to address challenges of new FEL infrastructure developments, to facilitate first user’s experiments and international collaborations, and to further promote FEL science as well.


2024年6月7日,我们参加了在上海科技大学举办的2024 SHINE论坛。SHINE(上海硬X射线自由电子激光装置)是一座具有高重复频率的X射线自由电子激光大科学装置, 包括一个8GeV能量的连续波超导射频直线加速器、3条自由电子激光振荡器、3条X射线光束线和10个实验站,以及一个100PW超强激光器。建成后, 它将成为世界上最先进的用户设施之一,能够提供从0.4到25keV的飞秒X射线脉冲,每秒脉冲数可达百万次。