The National Gold Medal in the 2024 Youth Innovation Competition

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On May 29, 2024, the National Finals of the 2024 Youth Innovation Competition, initiated by DuPont China and co-hosted by the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, were held at the Shanghai Science Hall. The project team “Material Pathways - Semiconductor Material Structure Prediction Scheme Based on High-Throughput Computing,” consisting of our group members Qiao Hai, Zhou Jie, and Xiao Zuke, won the gold medal (the first place) in the national finals of the 2024 Youth Innovation Competition.

After three months of preliminary screening, project presentations, and expert evaluations, teams from universities such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Tongji University advanced to the top eight national finals. The “Material Pathways” team stood out with their AI4Science research, addressing the structural design challenges in new material development with an potential solution. They ultimately won the gold medal in the national finals! The project is a high-throughput computing platform for screening and predicting material properties, utilizing x-ray diffraction data and graph data representations to characterize material structures, developing neural network models to establish structure-property relationships, and conducting property prediction and reverse design of materials. This enables efficient prediction and screening of new materials in the future.

The project received support from the Shanghai Municipal College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program and the “Excellence in Scientific Innovation Education” extracurricular innovation program at Tongji University. It also won the first prize in the growth category at the 9th Tongji University College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and the bronze medal in the Tongji University on-campus competition of the China International “Internet+” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

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2024年5月29日,由杜邦中国公司发起,上海市科学技术协会联合主办的2024年青年创新大赛全国总决赛在上海科学会堂举行。 课题组成员乔海、周杰、肖祖柯组成的“生材有道-基于高通量计算的半导体材料结构预测方案”项目团队获得2024年青年创新大赛全国金奖(第一名)。

经过3个月的预选初筛、项目展示和专家答辩等多个环节,来自清华大学、上海交通大学、同济大学等高校团队进入全国八强总决赛。 “生材有道”团队凭借在AI4Science领域的相关研究,针对当前的新材料研发的设计难度提出了可实施的解决方案,最终脱颖而出,斩获全国总决赛金奖! 该项目是一个用于筛选和预测材料性质的高通量计算平台,利用X射线衍射数据和图数据表征材料结构,开发神经网络模型建立构效关系并进行材料的性质预测和逆向设计, 实现了新材料的高效预测和筛选。

该项目收到了上海市级大学生创新创业训练项目以及同济大学”卓越科创育人”师生课外创新专项院系培育优秀项目的支持,还获得了第九届同济大学大学生创新创业论坛成长组一等奖, 中国国际“互联网+”大学生创新创业大赛同济大学校内赛铜奖等奖项。